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Christine Hourd

Success Coach


What to Expect

Thank you for considering my coaching services. I'm here to help you begin this process of reaching your goals with more success. Be sure to review the Success Plan before continuing, as this is a guide to what you can expect from coaching.


I only accept clients who are willing to do the work and want to invest in a better life for themselves.

In order to achieve the most success out of personal development coaching you'll need to be:​

  • open to trying new ways of thinking

  • ready to take action to get the desired result

  • committed to making positive change in your life

  • willing to let go of old ways that no longer work for you

  • mentally show up to every coaching session

I should add that my coaching is not about:

  • fixing you - you're okay the way you are

  • me giving you advice - you already have the resources we just need to uproot them

  • figuring out why you did something in the past - the choice you made then was the best for you at that time

  • blaming past experiences - every behaviour has a positive intention and something to learn from and we'll discover what that is.

Each of the coaching sessions can be anywhere from 50 to 90 minutes long and are held in an online meeting room powered by Zoom. This allows me to coach my clients anywhere in the world and at a time that works for both of us. All you need is an internet connection, ear buds or a head set for privacy and better sound, and email.

We'll be going over a lot of information and you'll leave feeling you've made progress. Therefore, when considering a time for your session, choose when you can be in a quiet and undisturbed location for the whole session. No distractions.


We'll be covering a lot of ground so if you'd like to have the sessions recorded, please advise us at the beginning of the session. A follow up summary will be provided for you after each session that will include your next steps to keep you moving forward.

But first, click on "Schedule an Appointment" to arrange a time (30-60 minutes) to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. This is a great way to get a taste of my coaching style and find out if coaching is for you. If you'd like to proceed, we can create the right plan for you and the corresponding agreement.Have a look at the Coaching Packages link at the top of the page.