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Christine Hourd

Success Coach


Having the continuous drive to succeed takes a very unique person. You work hard everyday and make a good living. Work is doing well, or as can be expected. And you feel as though you have this figured out, for the most part. Although, every once in a while you have this nagging feeling that there’s something more out there for you.

Lately, this feeling is growing and you maybe questioning the road you’ve taken and if there's something that you have yet to accomplish in life that will be more fulfilling. You may also be examining your life and dissecting every milestone, accomplishment, and decision, and wonder if you’ve sacrificed too much for your career, or fear that you missed out on something substantial.   

If this resonates with you, I'd like you to consider two options:

  1. You can continue on this same path you’re on and coast through life, settling for mediocre. A life of constant demands and catering to everyone around you. Or...

  2. You can work to create more balance in your life by constructing a strong personal foundation, that will bring you more joy, resiliency and success in your life. You reach goals in less time, overcome obstacles more easily and have more clarity in the path you choose.


Back in 2010, I laid out these two choices in front of me. The big question I asked myself was...

Is this the life I want for me? 

I chose number 2. Thus began an incredible journey to create balance in my life and possess the wisdom necessary to lead me down this amazing path of success.


You may be feeling, as I once did, that there’s something more to life than this continuous cycle you’ve fallen into that keeps you from moving beyond the limits. You get up, you go to work, you come home, you cook dinner, you walk the dogs, you tell your teens to put the game console away and go to bed, you do more work, and then you finally go to bed. Or some version like that... The next day you do the same thing over again. 


Thank goodness for that long awaited holiday! A time to recharge at the flick of a switch. Although half your holiday is spent getting out of work mode and then stressing about going back to work.


Now, if you’re okay with that, then success coaching is not for you. That said, I wish you well.


But if reading this makes you curious and want to learn more, then keep on reading!

For many years, I have chosen to settle for choice number one, and that was getting me no where — in my business and in my personal life! I wondered how many other strong people go through the same thing; experiencing unhappiness and anxiety from life’s demands. 

What I did find out is, yes, there are many other people who have settled into this state of unhappiness and anxiety. Some seem to manage it well, convincing themselves that they're happy and content — as I once did. And others begin to explore "what if?"

"What if?" can also be interpreted as "mid-life crisis". Which is the condition that I apparently had.


To answer the question "what if?", to achieve higher levels of experiencing life, and to build greater success, there has to be a strong desire, a genuine curiosity and a willingness to change.​​​​

Christine Hourd, EPC

Mom of 3 teen boys, Husky and Labradoodle

Professional Success Coach

Canadian Born

Manitoba Raised

Living in Alberta

Promoter of Quality Education

Avid Reader of Mind Boggling Stuff

Lover of the Arts

Participating in a Fulfilling Life

Is Success Coaching for you?


You’re ambitious, you have a desire to be active and healthy, you’re determined to create success in your life, you care about your environment, and you're very intelligent. Let’s not leave out that you have a great sense of style, as well. 


Now why aren’t we seeing all these amazing things about you?


If you want a richer, more fulfilling life there's a catch!


To live with more abundance, more money in the bank, more smiles and laughs, and all those other things you just dreamed of, you must put in the effort and work to make it happen.


Through Success Coaching, we'll work on a Success Plan to create more happiness in your life — long term. But we'll do this with integrity and a lot of courage. Trust me. You have what it takes. And if I can do it, so can you!

I’ll be your ally

I'll be there with you every step of the way to make sure this happens and that you'll become the ultimate goal achiever, life balancer and clarity seeker you strive to be.


If you’re ready to begin, send me a message and we'll book a time to design a plan just for you.